What does SM Contact Engineering do?

SM Contact Engineering provides profound engineering analysis by the means of simulation software on all steps of product launch: from concept development to manufacturing.

We offer consulting services based on FEA simulation (structure, thermal & electromagnetic FEA, computational fluid dynamic, mold flow analysis, computer aided design/engineering and product testing) for various engineering fields: aerospace, automotive, construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, consumer products, electronics, heavy equipment, machine parts, medical, MEMs, plastic engineering, power generation, rubber, sports equipment, etc.

To learn more please visit our FEA services page.

Who is responsible for performing the services?

Engineering board certification is a key differentiator in SM Contact Engineering. Each our specialist meet the following criteria:

  • High academic background;
  • Minimum 5 years of comprehensive experience in mechanical and civil engineering, metallurgy, applied physics, electro-mechanics;
  • Experience in various relevant industries: commercial, construction, industrial, health, etc.;
  • Familiar with state-of-art technologies, software, design codes;
  • Fluent French, English, German, and Chinese speaking;
  • Strong customer-oriented approach.
How can I start the project?

Having technical problem already looks promising!

  • Describe your situation in as many details as possible: product dimensions and materials, external conditions and other specific requirements.
  • Attach CAD drawings. If you do not have it in digital format, hand sketches could be useful as well.
  • Send all the information to us by e-mail kirill.turgenev@smcontact.ru or upload it to any kind of file hosting service.
  • Get fast and professional FEA simulation services.

Our specialists have fluent French, English, German, and Chinese.

If you need communication in any other language, we would be glad to appoint meeting for you with our local sales engineers. To get contacts of our local sales engineers please visit our contact page.

What information does SM Contact Engineering need to perform simulation?

To perform precise and efficient numerical modelling of any physical system we need the following raw data:

  • 3D CAD model (.igs, .stp, solidworks or proe) / 2d sketch / hand drawing;
  • Description of the primary goal you set for the analysis.
  • Specific information according to analysis type:

FEA/CFD simulation – load information: which loads you would like to apply (pressure, vibration, heat flu, etc.), to which area it must be applied, what are the source and the sink (in case of fluid flows analysis).

MoldFlow analysis – grade of material, gate information (quantity, size, location, etc.), processing conditions.

CAD/CAE services – field of application: where are you going to use the final layout/model (technical documentation, presentation, website, etc.)

Even if you do not have some information, we will be likely to find the solution and choose necessary parameters for the analysis.

How can I monitor the progress of my order?

Since we start the project, you will get an access to the private customer area on our website. Each day we will update the information so you could monitor the project processing including timing, quotation, provisional results, and final reports.

We present you the first results as soon as we get it. Therefore, you have an opportunity to readjust some of the parameters. Only after introducing changes and getting your approval, we proceed with simulation. This system guarantees that you get answers exactly to your questions.

What guarantees do I have?

If you have already tested your product in a laboratory we can repeat the same test using simulation software. Giving us the same raw data, you’ll get representative result. Simply compare laboratory-testing results with FEA simulation and you will see clearly the accuracy rate of Finite Element Analysis.

It should be noticed that FEA simulation and reality are not similar in every way, as in reality we have no end of various conditions. Nevertheless, FEA simulation takes into consideration the most significant ones and defines core forces, reactions and processes.

How can I use FEA services if I live in other country?

Physical presence is not a matter anymore when it is referred to FEA modelling. You can send us all the necessary information by e-mail or file hosting services. We in our turn will give you an access to the private customer area on our website where you will see the timing, quotation, provisional results, and final reports.

What is more our specialists have fluent French, English, German, and Chinese. If you need communication in any other language, we would be glad to appoint meeting for you with our local sales engineers.

We can and we want to participate in your project wherever you are!

Check for our specialist in you country - visit the contact page.

Why is the first simulation more expensive then the following ones?

The main reason is the algorithm of FEA approach that could be summarized in three steps: pre-processing, solution, and post-processing.

The first one deals with converting raw data (e.g. 3D model) to the form appropriate for mathematical analysis - finite element mesh. This step is the most time- and labour-consuming. Once we have the mesh developed and material properties defined we can use this information for solution step applying different loads again and again. That is to say that FEA technology gives an opportunity to collect the experience and to save the solutions.

If you need to improve the performance of the product already simulated or to expand its functionality it will take just a little time to introduce changes. For example, we have carried out a computational fluid dynamic analysis of the pipe with the 100 liters capacity. If the customer ever needs to raise the capacity to 110 liters, it will be much cheaper and faster than the first simulation. The reason is that it will not require meshing anymore and that we already have all the basic information concerning the prototype system.

Thus finite element method involves developing mathematical model of your product that can be tested afterwards in various conditions with the use of FEA software.

Why does SM Contact Engineering provide first simulation for free?

  • To establish credibility
  • Having never tried something before, it is always risky to buy it. The same with FEA simulation. Our corporate philosophy implies transparency and trust between the company and the customer. That’s why we want to give you the most obvious guarantees of a good result. You shouldn’t be afraid to pay for inadequate results – get first simulation free of charge!

    We can perform analysis that will iterate previous laboratory testing of the same product. Since you get the results, you can compare them and see clearly the accuracy rate of FEA simulation. It is worth noting that FEA simulation and reality are not the same. Reality is full of enormous amount of factors. While simulation is a model that involves and detects the most prominent conditions and reactions.

  • To show price-result correlation
  • Only seeing the results and applying them to practice you will understand what profits can be made with this digital technolody.

    What is FEA?

    FEA (Finite Element Analysis, FEM, Finite Element Method) is a numerical technique based on differential equations and used for solving engineering problems through simulation. It is an efficient alternative to building prototypes for a vast number of fields: automotive and aircraft engineering, medical and sports equipment, electronic and heavy equipment, and so on.

    For example, if you need to design some load carrying components we can set all the parameters of the potential loads in the computer. FEA package will solve it like a mathematical problem and give a solution: what structure and what components you need to succeed. The same approach can be applied to mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic forces, and both to solid, liquid and gaseous substances.

    Get acquainted with the whole area of expertise on our FEA services page

    How does FEA works?

    It is assumed that Finite Element Analysis consists of three main steps: pre-processing, solution step, and post-processing.

    Pre-processing results in finite element mesh that approximates the geometry of the analyzed object. Initial CAD geometry is imported to FEA software package. Next, it is necessary to define the materials properties. Then comes meshing itself: geometry is divided into small pieces: element and nods. Finally, the loads and constraints are defined.

    Solution step rests entirely on software package that calculates differential equations.

    Post-processing requires numerical problems detection and results visualization.

    What purposes does Finite Element Analysis serve?

    Finite Element Analysis solves engineering problems that requires product modeling and process simulation. It deals with mechanical, thermal & electromagnetic forces that can influence your product, fluid flows behavior, and injection molding.

    Instead of expensive prototyping you can use timely and cost-effective FEA simulation. It will let you be pro-active rather than re-active either in automotive, building construction, MEMs or any other industry.

    What are the benefits of Finite Element Method?

    FEA or FEM prevails over other approaches for many reasons.

  • Well-timed
  • Whether you need to test load carrying components of the structure, predict temperature distribution or office acoustic pollution SM Contact Engineering can do it far faster with FEA software. You do not have to spend months for test preparations and laboratory equipment. Digital simulation does not require all that. Besides, if you need to repeat the test it will take a little time to change the boundary conditions, restart solution and get the results.

  • Money saving
  • At the engineering stage it could help you to predict the problems before they occur with a prototype or a final product itself. Be pro-reactive, make simulation and avoid future problems. In addition, you do not need costly prototypes when you use Finite Element Analysis.

  • Effective for presentation purposes
  • You can visualize your project with high-quality 3D images or pre-rendered animation that will give you ten-point lead in the eye of the customer.

    What should I do if I still have more questions?

    Should any more questions arise please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or e-mail:

  • Kirill Turgenev (CVO) – Russian, English
  • Tel.: 007 812 980 9793

    Email: kirill.turgenev@smcontact.ru

  • Thomas Rehm – German, English
  • Tel.: +49 (0) 9127 9536714

    Email: thomas.rehm@smcontact.eu

  • SM Contact France (headquaters) – French, English
  • Tel.: + 33 (0)1 64 63 66 66

    Email: smcontact@smcontact.fr